Last week, a group of experts in virtual and augmented reality from GIZ BTEL project (Support to the implementation of the TVSDC Action Plan with focus on Blended Training, eLearning and Teaching Services), organised a virtual class at the New Care Academy where VR/AR learning applications were used to train the students on fire extinguishing exercise, as part of the Occupational Safety and Health course.

“The gamification aspect of the challenge made me remember all the information I learned during the exercise” says Ameera al Abadi describing the Occupational Safety and Health class she attended in the Academy, she continues “I think all schools should include these learning applications instead of only showing the students the fire extinguisher, this way they will actually know how to use it”.

This activity was part of the TVSDC (The Technical and Vocational Skills Development Commission) eLab services that BTEL project is holding, the eLab which was inaugurated in May 2022 and has been serving more than 49 Technical and Vocational Training Centers, and more than 900 students, trainees, teachers, supervisors and principals of training institutions engaged in developing EB. The TVSDC eLab is also providing another blended training applications like the advanced eLearning platform The project is funded by the EU and Implemented by GIZ.