TADREEBAK is the TVSD Commission’s national eLearning platform, with Training of Trainers (TOT) and TVET formal and non-formal programmes. It is cloud-based and is open for use by public and private TVET providers. It provides trainees and learners with the skill-oriented and competency-based eLearning programmes relevant to a fast-changing work environment.  

TADREEBAK allows the delivery of short, mid, and long training programmes for skilling, upskilling and reskilling purposes, accessible any time and place, through any mobile devices, and by all.


The SESIP Technical Assistance project as part of EUR 52 million budget support programme entitled “Skills for Employment and Social Inclusion” set as overall objective to provide capacity development support and technical assistance for E-TVET line Ministries and their related institutions, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Social partners, in addition to supporting the implementation of the sector.

Within the project, Component 2 (C2): Curricula Development and Training of Trainers (ToT(, the Working Group assessed the need to establish an eLearning platform, in order to build the capacity of TVET providers to develop and produce e-content and, more importantly, to manage the whole eLearning cycle. A feasibility analysis defined the need for an eLearning infrastructure for blended learning, encompassing training of trainers and TVET students, accessible and manageable from each TVET provider and stakeholders. 

SESIP TA formed a team of specialists, supervised by the Key Expert 2, that developed the eLearning platform named DURBA, which was finally renamed as TADREEBAK. 

The first phase achievements were:

  • A Feasibility Analysis and a Survey of IT infrastructure of key stakeholders’ facilities (availability and compatibility of computer labs). 
  • The conceptual framework of an E-Learning skills development platform. 
  • The design, features and learning management system of the platform. 
  • Story boards including the technical content for the courses on TOT programmes.
  • The IT Basis (cloud based multi stakeholders are accessible). 
  • Capacity building and Training of senior instructor and IT specialists to become TADREEBAK administrators, entailing:
    • eLearning basics and principles.
    • Designing an eLearning course.
    • Creating interactive e-contents.
    • Managing and evaluating learning activities.
  • The platform and its eLearning management system, for blended training, accessible and manageable from the many TVET stakeholders, linked to the TVSDC website. 

Further development as part of the plan of the Addendum for the extension of the SESIP TA, led to new IT features, improved web design, new e-contents related to life, core / employability skills, and more capacity building and training on TADREEBAK eLearning management system and its blended programmes. 

The response to Covid-19 emergency brought an acceleration in the utilization of e-learning in the TVET sector, therefore the GOJ indicated the priority to increase the capacity of accredited private Academies or training providers to offer TVET e-learning programmes. The TVSD Commission requested SESIP TA to make TADREEBAK immediately available for public and private training suppliers that intend to deliver eLearning programmes, and assist the TVSDC to manage it.

Today TADREEBAK is the platform of choice of those who demand quality technical and TOT eLearning, and the learning management system (LMS) of TADREEBAK as a software application guarantees smooth and effective administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, delivery, evaluation and development of TOT and TVET formal and non-formal programmes.

TADREEBAK, with your participation and guidance will be the leading advanced eLearning national platform, recognized nation-wide for the quality of its eLearning programmes, driven by industry and employers needs for highly skilled and competent employees and trainers.


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